Zero Gravity!

Thinking out of the box. Really? What box?

At Moonkey creativity comes with no strings attached. We create unique ideas and concepts for inspirational content, brought to life by crazy creative directors and minds. From motion to print and from digital to wall, for brands, products and services, from music to hospitality and from motorbikes to fashion…


Show who you are – show your true colours.

Create a professional unique look and stand out from the crowd. Let your brand and identity transpire throughout your business, with a consistent look throughout digital, print and other physical design.

Visual Brand Guidelines will set deliverables for your brand’s fonts, colours, tones, logos and clear instructions explaining how to use them and to communicate with consistency.


Today’s customer looks for inspirational and engaging content. People are no longer interested in reading lengthy texts and even good photography doesn’t pack the same punch anymore as it used to do.

To create a knock-out video requires boundless creativity, and at the same time a deep understanding of your target audience and key message you want to get across.


Your website is your most important digital asset – treat it that way!

Today almost every potential client will check out your website, before making any decision. You have one chance to make a first impression that impacts your business: convince them you’re the one.

A good first impression is not good enough anymore to change minds; a first impression needs to be GREAT, and for that you need a GREAT design.


The more creative an advertising campaign, the more efficient. Creativity will be more memorable, longer lasting, builds a relationship with potential customers and achieves your marketing goals faster, while often spending less.